Seasonal Gatherings

A tentative template for quarterly meetings on Vocation, Education, Celebration, Transformation in a post-Christian world.

Spring Longing: The Futures of Spirituality —   Michaelmas, Advent and Christmas

Models for contemplative connections and mindfulness

Renewing your Roles with a Rule of Life? Buddha, the Bible and Benedict.

Faithfully Facing Facebook: Recasting community via/versus technology

Summer Light and Shadow: New Meaning in the Middle — Epiphany and Lent

Recasting consumerism and community

Redoing democracy and distribution

Healing for corporate health and wholeness

Autumn Loss and Gain: Practicing Resurrection — Holy Week and Eastertide

Redefining death, beginning, and doing it better

Encountering eros, ecology and eternity

Celebrating life with Death Cafe & Coffin Club

Winter Love, Life’s Ending: Redefining Power — Pentecost,

Making the future matter

Reminding our myths, money and mediating institutions

Reviewing eternity with recycling and reincarnation